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Personal Loan for Travel

However, is that really required? It’s time to pamper your itchy feet with Cashback personal loan for travel that makes it easy to get the funds for your next holiday. Whether you want a break from work and go for a family holiday, or embark on a solo trip or plan a honeymoon, personal loan for travel would reflect in your bank account in a snap..

Personal Loan for Education

Whether you are a student, housewife, working professional, or an entrepreneur, you have the right to choose the best education from any reputed school, college, or university. That being said, money should ideally not come in the way of attaining knowledge ,personal loan for Education would reflect in your bank account in a snap.

Personal Loan For Weddings

Weddings – a day where you make memories to last a lifetime. Whether you want it to be a grand celebration or an intimate ceremony, this special day should be a highlight. The last thing you want to impact this special day is a financial crunch that’ll force you to settle for less, LOAN FOR WEDDINGS reflect in your bank account in a snap.

Personal Loan For Medical Emergencies

When it comes to our health or that of our loved ones, we don’t want to keep any stone unturned in ensuring that the best medical facilities are provided to them. However, at the time of medical emergencies, our financial conditions often play a significant role in determining the quality of treatment. This is where a personal loan for medical emergencies comes into the picture.

Home Renovation/Expansion Loan

Change is the only constant in life – a statement that holds true for numerous facets of life, including your home. Of course, such a task is easier said than done, since arranging funds to convert your house into a dream home can prove to be quite imposing,Home Renovation Loan reflect in your bank account in a snap.So, what are you waiting for? Apply Now and get started

Healthcare Equipment Loan

If you’re looking to expand your clinic or upgrade your equipment, our healthcare equipment loan is there for you. Get on board with Clix Capital to enjoy healthcare equipment finance (loans/lease) now. These loans help you develop the healthcare facility and equip it with the latest technology in the industry.eflect in your bank account in a snapApply Now and get started.

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21/2/2017 | by Admin

What is a Personal loan?

Personal loan is a type of unsecured loan that you can borrow from a bank or financial institution if you require funds to pay for your financial needs.

20/2/2017 | by Admin

How does a personal loan work?

You borrow a loan when you require credit. Once you submit your loan application to a lender for a personal loan, the lender verifies and approves it. Post this, the loan amount is disbursed into your bank account. Once you receive the loan amount, you will need to repay the lender via EMIs for the loan repayment tenure.

19/2/2017 | by Admin

What is the maximum amount of loan I can get?

The maximum amount of loan depends on your monthly income. In India, there are lenders who offer up to Rs.50 lakh.